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Speaking of the calendar can not say about the Hublot King Power Alinghi Replica calendar above the magnifying glass, that is, we often say “bubble”, the “bubble” can be enlarged 2.5 times calendar, the calendar not only more legible, it has gradually evolved into the Oyster watch essential aesthetic element in the “bubble” when it was first introduced and plexiglass watch mirror material integrally molded, but as the 1970s, Hublot started all use sapphire crystal, sapphire is the same crystal material “bubble” to the mirror is mounted on the Replica Watches and is equipped with anti-reflective layer, so that at any time the calendar are legible. Although the advantage of a lot of blisters, but me personally, I do not like this “bubble”, always feel it destroys the balance of the entire surface, and moreover there is no “bubble”, the calendar will become more sophisticated, we can compare about the old section of the sea and make nigga, you will obviously feel the sea to make more elegant.

Because it is to buy a new watch, I can not bear to open the back cover, please understand, the difference between 3187 and 3186 is 3187 with a more advanced shock absorbers, but I do not understand why this would not Replica Watches China upgrade to the 3187 movement. Said in front of so many, the following can finally talk about the heart of this watch, the Hublot movement can be said to embody several of its craftsmanship, its quantity-based movement models although rarely, with one hand over the number, but the sections are called extreme, so they took this GMTII, the adoption of the 3186 movement, the predecessor of 3185, both by the most famous Cheap Hublot Replica 3135 movement evolved, the difference is 3186 uses a more advanced and is called Parachrom Hublot gossamer.

Although this mysterious springs and we’ve seen blue steel springs exhibit the same blue, but the material is completely different, it uses a composition containing niobium and zirconium and other Hublot highly stable paramagnetic alloy build, is not affected by magnetic fields influence, but also enhance its seismic capacity tenfold. The slender than the human hair but also gossamer entirely self-produced by Hublot Replica Watches, to know that in Switzerland the same production gossamer watch brand one hand can count over. A watch whether the Right to go, by the escapement to decide, but the core of the escapement is none other than the non-balance, we know that the Hublot movement biggest feature is accurate, why so prospective study of its 90% credit thanks to this unique and almost Hublot smart balance wheel. Whenever mentioned in this balance, almost all watches maintenance division will provoke thumb, because it is too smart a. First, the balance wheel is large, a diameter of about 1 cm large size means it has a better effect of inertia, so as to more effectively ensure that its balance swing regularity.

Secondly, this balance wheel made of beryllium copper alloy, the material having paramagnetic characteristics and low thermal expansion coefficient, not only allows the balance wheel from magnetic interference, not to worry about the temperature changes caused by expansion or contraction of the metal, in addition to the material itself, which is also very high precision, to ensure that the balance wheel mounted on the rear center of the movement to achieve the perfect balance, you must be a solid rod material processing, manufacturing error is only a fraction of millimeter. In addition, because it uses a four-arm beam design, not only the roundness of the beam is not easy to deformation than the arms balance wheel and extreme temperature changes, so that’s why in mountaineering and polar expeditions such a harsh environment, Hublot Replica still to cope.

He said its intelligence, can not fail to mention Hublot that four times the speed of fine-tuning screw balance wheel, these screws twenty-two correspond vary Bohou has a “one second screw” and “two seconds screws” parts, with a special tool to mobilize ” 1 seconds screws “on a grid, the watch will increase or decrease the difference between day 1 sec mobilize” 2 seconds screws “on a grid, the difference between day watch will increase or decrease 2 seconds, so in theory, Rolex error does not exceed 2 seconds.

Best Hublot Replica movement in addition to accurate, another feature is the extremely high efficiency of the chain, which is the world’s only full string state can remain in office routine state movement. Of course, all this thanks to the invincible two-way winding system, in this system contributed two red wheels, in the end is what the two red round material, so far unknown, just know that if you happen to know this red wheel formula said to be hunted in the world. The system is up and running no noise, and automatically Tuo still use bearings, so here to tell you a genuine Rolex most simple and effective way to identify, shake hands on the watch, no sound is true.