Hublot MP-12 Key Of Time Skeleton Replica Watch Hands-On

In my opinion, this is the best looking Hublot Key Of Time watch to date. Well, at least the coolest looking. This is one of the most unique and weirdest luxury watches currently being made, and it takes a lot of courage to even consider wearing a piece like this. I will say this, however: despite the unorthodox shape of the case and the oddity that is the movement’s exotic complication, wearing the Hublot MP-12 Key Of Time¬†Replica Watches¬†– whether it is this skeletonized version or otherwise – is an amazingly comfortable experience.

Like the Hublot MP-12 Key of Time, the Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari watch has a vertically-oriented tourbillon which is visible from the lower side of the case. While you can disagree, in my opinion, the Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari and Cheap Hublot Replica MP-12 Key Of Time watches are close relatives. So what again is the exotic complication of the Hublot MP-12 Key Of Time watch? The movement has the ability to display time as being sped up by four times or slowed down by four times. That means you can set the watch to show that four minutes have elapsed after only one minute has elapsed… or show that only 15 seconds have elapsed after one minute has actually elapsed.

The case design isn’t what I would call beautiful, but it is cool. Hublot has rendered Hublot MP-12 Key Of Time in all sorts of ways over the years and this Hublot Replica Watches is my favorite because of how well everything works together. I also like the dial design which is both legible and skeletonized. The in-house made Hublot caliber HUB9012 has never looked better both on the front and rear of the case.

The HUB9012 movement also features a tourbillon, as I mentioned, which is fully visible from the bottom side of the case, but from the top of the case, it functions as a seconds indicator. The balance wheel operates at a frequency of 3Hz, and the movement has a total power reserve of 120 hours. There is also a power reserve indicator on the dial which is both useful and much better represented in the Hublot Replica versus some of the earlier versions.