Hublot Replica Introduces the Meca-10 Clock

Time-only but visually and mechanically interesting, the Hublot Meca-10 Replica Watch has a skeleton movement inspired by Meccano.The Meca-10 Clock retains all of the key features of its wristwatch counterpart, namely the skeletonised construction and lengthy, 10-day running time.

The Meca-10 has a straightforward, square case that resembles the typical Hublot Big Bang Replica.The result is a clock that is legible and mechanically interesting, just like the Meca-10 wristwatch, giving the clock a similar sort of appeal.

Available in brushed or black-coated finish, the Fake Hublot clock has a steel frame that contains the movement that is almost identical to the wristwatch Meca-10 movement. The highlight of the display is the power reserve, which is driven by a linear rack system and fully revealed on the dial.

Visible from the back are the twin barrels that provide 10 days of autonomy. With the triple, horizontal bridges, the layout very much resembles the Replica Watches China wristwatch movement. However, the escape wheel and pallet fork is no longer visible from the back, but instead are located on the front at eight o’clock.

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