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Do not be late, straight into the topic. I am prepared for you today, a funny content, modified table. Long-term removal of
watch ring players on the modified table will not be unfamiliar. In our side will be separated from each other one or two to
sell the modified table. Modified table is the product of the people, some people will get the hands of the “modified plant”
for the second modification, there are several common ways to modify. One is not inlaid with their own watches, diamonds set
inlaid stones, as little as in the bezel set in a circle, more than the whole table studded with a diamond. This is the
transformation of the way called “after drilling”; the second is black, itself is a metallic steel table in the case of a
layer of black, so that the whole watch from the table to the bracelet are black, cool; The third is carved, compared to the
drill and black, I feel the carving is the rise of the past two years, because the car before the table is not much. Carved
table in the original form of the case, bracelet, all carved pattern, very beautiful. These three are the most used to
modify the watch the way. Modified table in the country, foreign are not new things, and modified cars, like the formation
of a small group. Although many people have introduced before the conversion table, but most did not go to our side of the
modified table market and market, and I want to discuss with you players today to share the following things. Foreign
modification table is how come; brand and players on the modified table attitude; our side of the common several changes in
the table market and we should not buy.

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In the world of well-known conversion table companies have a lot of home, we are common such as Bamford, Blackout Concept,
Titanblack and so on. These companies’ products often appear on some international auctions and are more popular and have a
good deal price. Watch the rise of the rise in the last century 90 years, the beginning of the time, the modified table are
personal behavior, are starting on their own watches. For example, Bamford was originally converted to his own Rolex Shui
Gui. The Rolex Duck was DLC black. When the modified finished his watch, he found the effect is good, and there are many
people have modified the needs of watches, so the company set up a special modification of the watch, the main method is
modified after drilling and black. Foreign these watch companies are very formal conversion. Renovation of the staff are
Rolex’s former staff. They can be professional, skilled dismantling Rolex, and watch parts to be modified, and then
assembled the watch.

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In addition to DLC black, but also gradually developed camouflage, bronze, hollow, military style modification, modified
objects from Rolex extended to the major brand watches, including Patek Philippe, love the other. Above these modified
tables are common tactics, there is a play in Japan, specifically modified Seiko No. 5. Seiko No. 5 modification is not
plated with a black, set a drill, but the Seiko No. 5 converted into other watches look (style), such as Seiko No. 5 into
the Blancpain 50 look like, into the Omega hippocampus, Rolex Water ghost look, Seiko No. 5 will be modified with PVD and
other low-cost way, cheap, fun.

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Each watch brand does not support the watch conversion, where there are modified watches or watches that contain official
parts other than the official aftermarket warranty. We all know that when we need to maintain the maintenance of the watch
to the official customer service, the watch will first take the test to distinguish the internal is not mixed with the
original parts of the original. For this problem, foreign formal modification company will give their modified watch to
provide warranty, because the modified company employees are some brands, such as Rolex’s former employees, so the watch for
maintenance without any problems. The modified watch is guaranteed. As for the domestic situation, I will talk back in the