Replica Hublot Big Bang One Click Marc Ferrero

Both coincide in all their dimensional and technical characteristics; 39 mm diameter case and self-loading caliber HUB1710. The big difference is found in the box since one of the Hublot Replica uses black ceramic and the other steel.

The differences in the sphere, which reproduces the famous pictorial work “Lipstick”, are minor but significant. In the Replica Watches China black ceramic version, the reproduction of the dial alternates white and black. In the steel case version, the dial motif is almost entirely white.

Another aspect shared by both watches is the brilliant-cut diamond setting that adorns their bezel. If the size of the boxes of these two Big Bangs 1:1 Replica Watches could be considered as neutral, belonging to the One Click collection and the setting of diamonds leads us to think that their destination is the female audience, although in certain markets, this rule is not universal.

We can see the two straps with which these Replica Watches are delivered. The main one, made with calf leather and rubber, reproduces a motif that emulates Marc Ferrero’s pictorial style. The second is more conventional since it is the typical alligator leather strap.

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