The Best Hublot Square Bang Ceramic Watches In Black And White

Several new members of the Hublot Square Bang replica watch are coming for 2023 including these two versions featured in either mostly black ceramic or mostly white ceramic.Ceramic was certainly a material that was used in most of the debut Square Bang watches, but these versions are stylistically a bit different adding more flavor to the growing Square Bang collection.

2023 marks the first use of white ceramic that looks very cool on the Hublot Square Bang Reference 821.HX.0170.RX that matches it with black accents for chic Star Wars Stormtrooper look. The Hublot Swiss Replica reference 821.CI.0170.RX “Black Magic” is similar to last year’s “all black” Square Bang watch but with a lighter, more legible dial.

The bold looking square-version of the Big Bang case continues to satisfy wrists and eyes even if it is Hublot’s daring effort to create its version of the Cartier Santos. The highly architected and shapely Hublot Square Bang case is 41mm wide and 12mm-thick with 50 meters of water resistance.

I would have liked 100 meters of water resistance as that would at least put it on par with the round version of the Hublot Replica Swiss Movement Indeed water resistance is more challenging with a square versus round crystal – but we are talking about a rather high-end timepiece here and I Hublot should move in the direction of water resistance parity with the rest of the Hublot Big Bang UNICO collection.

Inside the watches is Hublot’s very impressive second-generation version of the UNICO known as the caliber MHUB1280 UNICO 2. The automatic movement has a 12-hour flyback chronograph, further displaying the time and date. The Best Hublot Replica movement operates at 4Hz with 72 hours of power reserve and is a rather complicated movement comprised of 354 parts. The UNICO 2 movement is also smaller than the first-generation caliber.

Dial design for the Top Quality Hublot Replica Watches is very much a square interpretation of the open-work dial of the round analog of this product. Given the large level of design in the case, I am starting to want to see a bit more discipline in the dial design, which right now is still a legible set of hands and hour markers against a more or less entirely open view of the movement. Maybe my eyes are just seeking a bit more symmetry.

I like the look of the case so much I already want Hublot to start changing the direction a bit away from the code of the round Cheap Big Bang UNICO Replica and to play with new dials and complications.

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