The Hublot MDM Elegant Chronograph

One of the most important design challenges for any manufacturer, whether it be a watch brand, an automaker, a clothing company, or a maker of almost any other form of consumer goods, is the establishment of a firm and recognizable brand identity.This 2000 Hublot MDM Elegant Chronograph Replica is a prime example of the joys to be found by delving into these different eras of watch brand history, with a sleek and handsome style broadly removed from the brand’s current DNA.

There are many words that can be used to describe modern Hublot. “Bold,” “innovative,” and “avant-garde” immediately spring to mind, among many others. Even the brand’s staunchest supporters would be hard-pressed to use the term “elegant,” however.The Hublot MDM Elegant Swiss Replica was one of the most prominent designs in a surprisingly varied catalog during those years, and while it carries a number of Hublot hallmarks, it’s a very different animal from the brand’s modern output.

As a start, the Hublot MDM Elegant Chronograph is impressively compact. The stainless steel case measures in at a modest 40mm-wide and wears smaller than the numbers suggest, thanks to a relatively small dial aperture. While the overall case shape shares some similarities with the modern Hublot Classic Fusion series, the Hublot Replica Watches Online is a softer, more rounded design than anything currently produced by the brand.

Like the Classic Fusion, this takes a roundabout approach to Genta-esque sports watch design, with a rather conventional tapering lug profile coupled to a perfectly flush-fitting steel endlink that screws into the classic smooth black Hublot rubber strap. This design eliminates the Classic Fusion’s angular lug downturn, however, in favor of a more flowing, sloped form. Likewise, the softly rounded case sides are similar to what one would find on the modern Classic Fusion, but here the bulging outward curve is more pronounced and flows into a broader set of polished bezel flanges at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock.

The majority of this case, from the rounded case sides to the bezel flanges, is brilliantly mirror-polished, but Hublot gives this brighter look on the wrist a sporting edge with brushing for the bezel and the end links. Unlike some of its antecedents, the Hublot MDM Elegant Chronograph Replica Swiss Movement is a proper dyed-in-the-wool sports chronograph as well, boasting a screw-down crown and a solid 100 meters of water resistance.

This comparatively restrained matte black dial example is one of the most common variants produced, and perhaps the one best suited to wear the “Elegant” moniker. Compared to modern Hublot’s array of avant-garde skeleton dials, hyper-minimal gloss black layouts, and ultra-sporty bold designs, this feels refreshingly straightforward and demure. The leaf handset is far removed from the angularity usually associated with the brand, as is the set of rounded, undersized polished indices.

Each of the three recessed subdials is on the smaller side, and as such can come off as a touch wide-set, but are all easily legible in practice and help to visually unify the design with a set of glossy white leaf hands. The Cheap Hublot Replica only truly contentious design choice here is a white date window at 4:30, but mismatched date displays were far more common in this era of watchmaking than they are today.

The strap is where the Hublot MDM Elegant Chronograph carries its closest link to the Hublot design language of today. Both the Hublot Replica Watches use similar black rubber straps, visually tying each model back to the original Hublot silhouette of 1980. This thin, flexible rubber strap design is supremely supple and comfortable on the wrist, with a lightweight butterfly clasp that makes for a seamless fit.

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