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Rolex Replica Watches

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When it comes to diving watch, the Cheap Rolex Replica Watches Submariner is definitely a watch fan in mind superstar, “Blackwater ghost,” the name I believe few people do not know. For such a dive watch suitable for any occasion wear, if that ten of those who buy Rolex nine labor “Ghost” is no exaggeration.

Perhaps Rolex “Kelpie” series has once ruled almost like status in dive watch. But things have changed now, and the brightest despotic diving watch with a new look and technology as “Kelpie” challenge.

Throughout the ages Rolex “Kelpie” is almost not changed much in appearance, its image has long been popular. Despite numerous challenges from rival brands, it is difficult to find Rolex “Kelpie” weakness, given its fatal blow. And if that time is short board power reserve, perhaps Cal.3135 movement of only 48 hours long power hold sway today some slightly less. But the short board to replace the latest Cal.3235 new movement “Kelpie” will be increased to 70 hours, I believe this will not have to wait long to use this year will Cal.3235 speed in the new 41 mm logs on , the new “Water Monster” will inevitably come out in 2-3 years. A new war, let us wait and see.

Rolex Replica Watches

Rolex Replica Watches

About Blancpain Rolex diving watch who is the first debate would never stop too. In 1953, Blancpain produced the brand’s first modern diving watch. Since that moment on, Blancpain has been accompanied by divers and underwater photographers adventure, Inside colorful marine world.

Early in 1953, the launch of 50 fathoms series watch to cross several times patented, diving to check the time and the remaining oxygen storage capacity lockable graduated bezel; to strengthen the waterproof case disposed on the double O-ring on the crown; crown reduce manual knob on the chain times, reducing wear the crown waterproofing system is self-winding function.

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Has a pedigree as a professional diving Luxury Rolex Replica Watches, long time, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms price range has been 11 million or more, almost twice the “Blackwater ghost” I believe the price of so many like Blancpain Fifty Fathoms the prohibitive. And this situation has been a turning point in 2013, Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe launch will watch Blancpain Fifty Fathoms based on a 10 yuan from the threshold completely broke.

Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe changed Fifty Fathoms watch case diameter 45 mm, reduced to 43 mm, and also has extensive case material configurations, including stainless steel, ceramic, titanium metal. Outline early 1965 continued the style clear and bright style, the pointer is also used when the older traditional style meter, places special window aperture date information display. Using the latest technology of liquid metal ceramic bezel, circle ring ceramic materials, the use of liquid metal scale, the hardness of the liquid metal is stainless steel three times, and after the knock-resistant ceramic composition is quite easy to wear. And bezel design also retains the original Bathyscaphe style design features, glistening fluorescence punctuation ensures readability dive timing information in any environment.

Blancpain movement will continue to use the well-known Cal.1315 movement, silicon gossamer enhanced precision movement, and has a three-barrel series combination of power, can provide 120 hours, a full five-day power reserve. “Water Monster” series Cal.3135 movement only 48-hour power reserve.

Rolex Replica Watches

Rolex Replica Watches

A price of only $ 60,000, but can be as deep as 2,000 meters deep in the time synchronization with the watch. IWC Ocean 2000 meter diving watch undoubtedly demonstrates its ambitions.

When it comes to nations and diving close association dates back to the 1960s. The growing popularity of diving prompted the IWC in 1967 launched its first ever marine chronometer watch, water resistance up to 20 bar, equipped with a rotating bezel to display the dive time. 2000 meter ocean when this prototype was designed in 1982 for mine clearance divers nations and made a diving watch, by the legendary designer Ferdinand A. Porsche (Ferdinand A. Porsche) designed.

Meter 2000 new automatic watch Case Size 46 mm in the ocean, such a large size has been completely beyond all dimensions Rolex diving watch, it can be said for large watch diameter suitors poison. And you need not worry about such a large size fully watch worn on the wrist will fall hand, it uses a titanium case, good control of the quality. Although this watch can dive to a depth of 2000 meters, but no helium valve.

Other diving watch with different, namely 2000 and did not use the sea when an external rotating bezel, avoiding the phenomenon of external rotating bezel while wearing prone to rub and bump. Instead of using an innovative internal and external rotating bezel. This means advantages in minutes for accurate unit engaged rotating inner ring, such as the effective protection mechanism against ingress of water and the soil, combined with easy operation of the rotating outer ring. As a result, still easy to rotate even when divers wearing diving gloves or cold fingers.

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Internal and external rotating bezel is connected via a clutch system, when the rotation of the Swiss Rolex Replica Watches outer bezel, that is the action by means of the clutch system is transferred to the rotating inner ring inside the case. For security reasons, only allow rotation of the inner ring is rotated counterclockwise. As a result, even if the diver does not accidentally tune bezel wrong changed the departure time stamp, then this will only be the wrong time than the actual departure time earlier, this ensures that no time limit beyond the dive.

In addition, the IWC Aquatimer 2000 uses a homegrown Cal.80110 IWC automatic movement, woodpeckers Pellaton winding mechanism with a very well-known nations. Such a huge innovation and friendly price, make this watch become a “Kelpie” the most powerful competitors.

Star was born in a family of card calendar Bo dive watches can be said that the first gold Cartier professional diving watch, the watch industry is the first one hit ISO 6425 international standards of professional diving watch.

2010 advent calendar Bo card series although it is the main sports style sports watch series, but the series has not diving short board, until 2014, the series introduced a card calendar Bo watch diving is considered to make up the gap. Highlighting purely masculine style design, Cartier Yucca Li Bo diving watch not only the perfect show Cartier style, and at the same time to meet the ISO 6425 standards for the technical “diving watch”, which provides eight standard specification and a series of reliability extremely rigorous testing procedures, by this standard are not many diving watch.

Rolex Replica Watches

Rolex Replica Watches

Unidirectional rotating bezel, waterproof to a depth of 300 meters, superluminova luminous hands and hour markers, card calendar Bo diving watch diving watch meets all international standards, and thus was able to watch back engraved “Diver’s watch 300 m” (diving watch 300 m) words. Unidirectional rotating bezel in order to prevent accidental rotation or improper operation, only unidirectional rotating bezel. Its 120 slot design (40 teeth and three points) to make precise calibration accuracy to half a minute, can hear a clear voice prompts rotation. In addition, to further improve readability, using a time scale clearly marked every 5 minutes interval.

Case thickness of only 11 mm, it is necessary to achieve a balanced ratio size, while maintaining the daily-wear comfort. Watch through frosted subtle contrast with the polished and slotted design ADLC carbon coating (amorphous diamond-like carbon coating) rotating bezel, the diver’s watch with Cartier perfect combination of exquisite watchmaking.

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As Rolex Replica Watches China the few small three-pin design, card calendar Bo diving watch Cartier Cal.1904MC use self-winding movement, movement by Cartier watchmakers Carole hand, with double barrel, but is not intended to provide long power but to ensure that the mainspring torque is able to maintain excellent long-term constancy, so that the stability of travel time to the extreme. This movement is equipped with more sophisticated adjustment system and a stop-seconds mechanism, to be perfectly tuned to go, make sure accurate.

Adhering to all the characteristics of the 2010 advent of the first-ever Calibre de Cartier Cartier Yucca Li Bo watch. The same bold lines, the same solid case, and also equipped with 1904 MC-type workshops refined self-winding mechanical movement. Public price of 58,000 yuan and domestic “Kelpie” the same price, have to say that this is indeed the “Water Monster” strong competitor.

Rates Royal Oak Offshore series DIVER diving watches flagship luxury sports wind, not less than 15 million, although higher than in the Rolex “Kelpie”, but its tough appearance and excellent sports performance after all “Kelpie” competition one opponent.

Rolex Replica Watches

Rolex Replica Watches

Water depth Royal Oak Offshore series DIVER diving watch up to 300 meters, and is equipped with magnetic inner shell, a unique case bottom screws, center bolt and hexagonal screws, safety is comparable to a submarine hatch. Driven by the one-way ratchet means within the bezel, and the 10 o’clock position of the crown phase. This device will help enhance the functionality of the watch, while retaining the traditional aesthetics octagonal design. After tightening the crown again, you can completely prevent the risk of accidental alteration dive time. Case means the effective protection of internal rotation, from external influence in any form. Using Audemars Piguet Cal.3120 movement, carved 22K gold pendulum stumble an extraordinary identity of this watch.

In Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore watches, the new products as much as dizzying. And one of the most out of color is a non-Royal Oak Offshore series DIVER diving watch perfectly. With white ceramic material of Royal Oak Offshore series DIVER diving watch appearance is outstanding, not just appearance superior, super white ceramic Audemars Piguet used to make this new diving watch bezel, case, buttons and watch crown scratch degree (Vickers hardness: 1850) than the black ceramic (Vickers hardness: 1300) was up 40 percent nine times higher than stainless steel. In contrast, manufacturing more difficult, an ordinary steel case just a half an hour will be able to make complete, but super white ceramics have to spend nearly 12 hours, stainless steel bezel production time is 45 minutes and the super white ceramic is up to 8 hours.